AAVarta® AAV capsid in silico evolution discovery platform

Constellation® AI aided DNA expression cassette design platform

Progress® Data-driven protein engineering platform

Commercial-scale manufacturing capabilities


Exegenesis Bio has developed proprietary discovery and manufacturing platforms to support our research and development programs.

AAVarta® is an in-silico evolution discovery platform.
Utilizing cutting-edge AI technologies to design novel AAV capsids by developing larger library space and highly efficient sampling strategy.

Constellation® is an AI aided gene expression cassette design platform.
Achieving tissue-specific regulation through the development of de-targeting microRNAs and synthetic promoters.

Progress® is a data-driven protein engineering platform.
Integrating protein structure modeling and protein stability/activity prediction to engineer novel protein variants with improved activity, stability and immunogenicity.

Commercial-scale manufacturing platform
Our industry-leading manufacturing platform equips us with cGMP-grade production capabilities. Together with our integrated plasmid DNA production, it enables us to implement ongoing manufacturing innovation for optimal efficiency and cost.

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