Shaoyong Li,Ph.D.
Head of Vector Biology

Shaoyong brings over 10 years of AAV gene therapy experience to his current role. Before joining Exegenesis, he worked as a senior scientist at Voyager Therapeutics where he led a team to develop novel blood-brain barrier penetrating AAV capsids for neurologic diseases. Prior to that, he was a scientist at Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation working on therapeutic vector development for several retinal disorders. In 2011, he started postdoctoral training on AAV biology and translational research in Prof. Guangping Gao laboratory at Gene Therapy Center, UMass Medical School. Shaoyong earned his PhD degree in Veterinary Biomedical Science from China Agricultural University. He was enrolled in the Visiting Fellows program (2008.01-2011.05) at Harvard Medical School where he conducted research on the mechanism of liver fibrosis. Dr. Li has been granted one US patent and published 20+ articles and conference abstracts.

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